Architects at Work

by Eve Hollands on

Last week we were really excited to be a part of Architects at Work. It was great to catch up with many of you, and to present SCIN to others.

SCIN aimed to open the world of wood to you through its exhibition Growth Rings. From classic to innovative, we presented a range of samples offering you an insight to the wonderful properties of wood and wood composites.


The display consisted of 4 parts:


Wood Classification: A walk through some of the most relevant wood species used in construction, architecture and product design. From hardwoods to softwoods you could appreciate the tone and grain of each species.


Wood Toolkit: Building with wood is the latest architectural trend, taking engineered wood into new directions, we displayed Glulam, and Cross Laminated Veneer as well as a variety of modified wood composites.


Skeuomorphism: A little fun to challenge your perceptions of wood. On display a range of materials disguised as wood such as fabrics, tiles and metal. On the other hand we presented wood pretending to be something else such as bricks or tiles.


Mathematics: Now one thing is a solid piece of wood, or plywood but quite another the striking effects achieved by manipulating them. By taking away, adding layers or combining with other materials, the sky is the limit! Exciting and engaging pieces like Martin Tomsky’s The Temple or 3D printed lattice by Microworkshops were proof of this.



Hope to see you next year!!