Conservatory of Craft

by Eve Hollands on

Brandon Gore is the founder of Conservatory of Craft, an innovative DIY project that brings concrete and its beauty closer to crafters. His mission is to “Democratize Design,” to make real products that are really nice, and attainable to a much wider demographic. Brandon is a renown concrete expert and founder of Gore Design Co. & Hard Goods

Concrete has mostly been pigeonholed as a construction material, but lately its been experiencing a revival in the design and crafts sectors. Conservatory of Craft is a great example. Because the best way to get to know a material is actually getting your hands on it!

The first offering from Conservatory of Craft is a DIY Kit + Video Tutorial that will enable you to make your own Geometric Concrete Wall Tile! It is suitable for makers of all skill levels. Concrete is a formless material until it is given form, unfortunately that is often the most difficult aspect, and is what can put most people off.

But using these kits you can easily make the same tiles sold by Conservatory of Craft, using the exact same Ultra High-Performance Concrete Mix.

Not only will you be saving 70% off retail price by making your own tiles, you will also experience the joy of making something meaningful.


As Brandon says,


“More than making a living, the reason I love what I do is the joy and satisfaction that comes with de-molding well-crafted concrete products. It never get’s old. I liken it to Christmas morning when you were 5 years old. To handcraft beautiful tile yourself, and to then have your friends come over and lose their minds on it before you tell them that YOU made it, well, that is a pretty amazing thing.”


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