Green Sky Thinking Week from Open City

by Annabelle Filler on

From 28 April – 2 May Open City hosted their annual Green Sky Thinking Week.

The SCIN Gallery hosted the quick-fire PechaKucha 20 seconds 20 slides event. The talks were from seven of Londons most interesting, provocative thinkers and designers, bringing the sustainable debate into the spotlight. The event was focused on championing real innovation and creativity in devising sustainable solutions for the city. From sweeping strategy to gorilla tactics.

We’ve brought all the talks online starting with an introduction from Oliver Wainwright, from the Guardian.

Oliver makes an interesting point:

“Sustainability is a real turn off for me”

His point being that it has become a meaningless phrase, the more it used the more it becomes ambiguous. Do architects hide behind the word sustainable because it essentially means good?

Is a sustainable building something with lots of gadgets and gizmos to lower the ultimate carbon footprint or is it the most carbon consuming building that’s then going to last hundreds of years?

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Watch the talks below with updates and commentary from SCIN coming throughout next week: