Can the FD become the Creative Director for the Day?

    SCIN have developed a Specific Type of Workshop called: HeadSpace

    This important day gives you as a business or team a chance to charge your batteries and cross fertilize ideas rather than work in the normal silos.

    At its heart is a day that combines creativity with commerciality, trading on the combined perspectives and experiences of all of you : A Day the FD becomes the Creative Director or and Visa Versa , Ops Sales and Comms also exchange their identities and no answers are considered the wrong answers.

    In addition we bring in an ‘adoptive team ‘. This Team will bring their collective expertise and importantly, objectivity. The composition of this Team depends upon the brief but could range from consumer to trend experts, psychologists, to environmentalists and strategists. The day is organized by seasoned Facilitators . They know how to push the buttons, to get the answers to a consensual clarity. Further more they can follow up with a report and continue to work with you as the Future thinking is developed.

    At some stage during the day, the doors are closed to allow you as a Company a chance to reflect and discuss.

    Alternatively, your own workshop space

    SCIN can arrange a workshop tailored to your brief and provide experts/facilities refreshments in an inspirational and adaptable , centrally located Space.