Banana plant trunk veneer

Material Name: Green Blade®

Material Description: New exotic veneer made from banana plant trunks

Field of Use: Interior design, product design, automotive interiors.

Composition: Banana plant trunks

Innovation: Because it is a giant grass and not a tree, there is less deforestation. Banana plants are rapidly renewable, and they grow to full size every 9 months. No water or glue is used in the manufacturing of Green Blade.

Form: Sheets and panels.

Colour: Aruba, Bahamas, Havana, St.Barth.

Flammability: No

Solubile in Water: Insoluble

Stiffness: Brittle

Impact Resistance: Delicate

Transparency: Opaque

Surface/Texture: Texture

Shape Memory: No

Manufacturing Process: After bearing fruit, the banana plant naturally dies, for a new plant to grow from the bulb. Hence Fibandco give a second life to a by-product of banana farming. Once the plant has given its fruit, the banana trunks are hand harvested and bought from the banana farmers to make Green Blade®.

Material Size: Sheets of 1250 mm x 2500 mm.

Sustainability: No water is used in the manufacturing of Green Blade®, and the Fibandco factory produces the energy it uses thorough solar photovoltaic panels

Applications:  Walls, ceilings, furniture, lamps…



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