Gypsum fibre board

Material Name: Vinova

Description:  Vinova is a coated gypsum fibre board which is non-combustible, robust and flexible. It is our highest performing panel for interior walls and ceilings which also offers a high degree of design freedom. Vin ova boards are extremely robust with a thickness of 12 to 25mm and are characterised by minimal swelling and shrinkage under varied climatic conditions and by good structural cohesion, even when exposed to fire. The high-quality boards are suitable for all uses and can be coated with clear lacquer or digitally printed with your design.

Field of use: Architecture, Interior Design, Retail Design, Industrial Design, Exhibition Design, Healthcare Design, Textile Design, Graphic Design, Transportation Design, Restaurant and Bar Interior, Hotel, Public Transport

Composition: Gypsum fibre board with bespoke surface coating/ covering

Innovation: Knauf Vinova system for walls and ceilings provide complete design freedom – and at the same time offers superb function and safety characteristics. It is completely unique to the market. Whenever high conceptional requirements meet strict technical demands, Knauf Vinova is the top choice.

Primary performance: robust, non combustable, high acoustic performance.

Form: Panels

Odour: None


Soluble in water: Insoluble

Stiffness: Stiff

Impact resistance: Strong

Transparency: Other / Not Applicable

Hardness: Hard

Surface/Texture: Bespoke

Slip resistance: Low Slip Potential (36+)

Fire resistant: Yes, Dependant on surface covering

Acoustics: Sound absorbing

Reflectivity: Slightly reflective

Stain Resistant: No

Thermal conductive: No

Manufacturing process: Varies – Laminated. polished, printed, laser cutting, perforated

Location: Interior, Interior: Finish, Interior: Furniture, Interior: Partition, Interior: Wall Cladding, Interior: Ceiling

SustainabilitySustainably Sourced Natural Material

Applications: Hospital, hotels, commerical projects, airports


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