Infused Concrete

TF skins are manufactured with a substrate layer of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) that is high in tensile strength, therefore reducing the overall thickness and applied loads on the building structure. The GRC layer gives stability in case of impact. The surface of the concrete is treated with a stain resistant finish. The sealant contains organic solvents and is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The finished surface can be maintained regularly by light vacuuming removing surface dust. TF skins can be retreated with a clear sealant at a frequency that depends on the occupancy of the space. The textiles used have been specially selected, designed and tested to survive in the alkaline environment of concrete. Light fast dyes are used in the production of the textiles but under direct exposure of sunlight, fading may occur.

There is no steel reinforcement used in the production of the panels, hence no possible future staining of the surface can occur due to sulphate attack.TF offers an integrated high quality finished surface that enhances the acoustic performance of space. They can be installed in a variety of ways either by using a flexible bonding agent or by mechanical means (2-5mm tolerance), dependent on the substructure and/or site context.