Light reflecting concrete

Material Name: BlingCrete™

Description: BlingCrete™- light reflecting concrete is a customisable material that allows individual decisions on the shape and colour of the concrete, as well as the surface layout with the beads. In short: you decide on the design and we will produce it.

Field of use: Architecture, Interior Design, Retail Design, Industrial Design, Exhibition Design, Healthcare Design, Landscape Architecture, Transportation Design, Aviation, Spa/Health club interior , Hotel, Public Transport.

Composition: Concrete and glass.

Innovation: BlingCrete™ is currently the only light-reflecting material non-flammable. The BlingCrete™ effect is durable and long-lasting.

Primary performance: Highly resistant to frost and de-icing salt, excellent skid resistance, excellent grip, excellent fire resistant – non flammable, high alkali resistant.

Form: Tiles, Panels

Odour: Not specified

Flammability: No

Soluble in water: Not specified

Stiffness: Stiff

Impact resistance: Strong

Transparency: Other / Not Applicable

Hardness: Hard

Surface/Texture: Textured

Slip resistance: Not specified

Vandal resistant: Yes

Fire resistant: Yes

Chemical resistance: Not specified

UV resistance: Not specified

Acoustics: Not specified

Reflectivity: Light reflective

Stain Resistant: Not specified

Thermal conductive: Not specified

Manufacturing process: Casting

Location: Interior Finish, Interior Flooring, Interior Wall Cladding, Interior Ceiling, Exterior Facade, Exterior Finish, Exterior Flooring, Exterior Wall Cladding, Exterior Landscape

Variations: All concrete colors and beads and different sizes from very small to really big.

Sustainability: Sustainably Sourced Natural Material


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