Moulded recycled paper and ceramic tiles

Wallpapering began as a material exploration that grew out our of witnessing the amount of paper waste from local industries. After an array of experiments, paper tiles emerged as a successful product made from recycled paper. The tiles are as hard as board, light as cork, and can be printed or painted like paper. Other than their decorative potential, they have great sound absorbing qualities and are easy to install. We continue to use 100% post-consumer paper collected from local businesses.

Name: Wallpapering

Composition: Moulded recycled paper and ceramic

Size: 20cm and 15cm tiles. Wallpapering will soon be available in many more shapes and sizes.

Note: Tiles are available in a gradation of colours from natural browns to bleached whites and have endless printing options. Wallpapering changes as you add to them—they can be an effective accent with just a few tiles or an impacting, sound absorbent, treatment across an entire wall.

Custom colours, thicknesses and shapes are all possibilities for your project.

Process: Wallpapering is a totally handmade process, making each new tile different from the last. Combining different paper types creates all sorts of new exciting
variations. After shredding and pulping the paper, our original process involved air-release dies and then were carefully handled throughout a long drying process.
Once dry, tiles are screen-printed.

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