Permeable Paving

Material Name: Spectrum®

Material Description: Recycled coloured glass, in an extensive array of colours that can be used to create and reproduce designs, logos, emblems and patterns for permeable paving.

Field of Use: Landscape Architecture

Composition: Recycled glass bound together using a chemically curing clear polymer resin.

Innovation: Using an in-house method SureSet guarantees a colour consistent, UV stable surface, as well as bespoke colour blends for design creativity. 

Primary performance attribute: Used for any hard landscaping paving areas or internal floors.

Form: Bound

Colour: Primary, glittery, pastel and pearlescent colours. Bespoke colours.

Odor: None

Flammability: No

Solubile in Water: Insoluble

Stiffness: Flexible

Impact Resistance: Strong

Transparency: Opaque

Hardness: Hard

Surface/Texture: Texture

Shape Memory: No

Structure/Permeability: Open

Slip Resistance: Moderate Slip Potential (25-35 PVT)

Automicrobiological: No

Fire Resistant: Yes 

Wear Resistant: Yes

Water Resistant: Yes 

Chemical Resistant: Yes

UV Resistant: Yes

Scratch Resistant: Yes

Reflectivity: Light reflective

Stain Resistant: Yes

Thermal Conductive: Yes

Manufacturing Process: This resin bound permeable paving blend is formulated using  recycled glass stones that are bound together using a chemically curing clear polymer resin. Each glass particle is lightly coated with the UV stable resin, adhering to one another when mixed together but leaving voids within the material allowing the water to drain through. This system delivers a permeable, durable, smooth, multi-layer surface.  Because the finish is smooth there is no loose stones.

Material Size: Spectrum is available in 3 mm and 6 mm sized glass to deliver different effects for a range of projects.

Custom Options: An example of 20 colours or more, and colours can be bespoke.

Sustainability: During the laying process minute voids are formed that, when cured, mimic natural drainage by allowing water to pass straight back through to the water table. This efficient dispersal of water brings a wide range of safety, comfort and maintenance benefits including:          

  • Eliminating puddles        
  • Preventing weed growth       
  • Contributing to flood prevention        
  • Minimising the potential for flash flooding        
  • Reducing water pollution caused by oils and heavy metals.

Applications: Driveways, pathways, internal floors, tree surrounds, swimming pool surrounds, school grounds, public spaces, access roads, tree trenches.


































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