Stone powder wallpaper

Most of the reproduction product consists of natural stone, such as slate powder. It contains only a few synthetic components in order to make the material flexible. We are careful to use ecologically sound raw materials. Therefore, these products are PVC, softener and solvent free.

Stoneplex reproduction wallcovering is supplied on rolls. Delivery via parcel service ensures low storage and transport costs for Stoneplex products. Furthermore, there is no need for either extensive support constructions for the walls or consultation of a structural engineer due to increased surface load. The product is mounted like paste-the-wall paper with a proprietary adhesive that is applied with a toothed spatula. The wallcovering is cut with an ordinary utility knife.

The strips are equivalent to a 100 cm x 280 cm plate. This is just possible in nature but extremely rare and therefore very expensive.

A seamless application, as would be with an original, is not possible. We recommend application with a silicone joint or seam, or other separating design elements, such as an aluminium rail. Each product is unique because the reproduction strips are individually refined and aged by hand. There is no pattern repeat!

In addition, Stoneplex products possess sound-proofing and heat-insulating properties.