Precious Coffee

by Eve Hollands on

The next time you are throwing out the coffee grounds you just used to make your morning cuppa think again. You have got something far more precious in your hand than you think. Rosalie McMillan has found a way to bring coffee into our lives that is totally unexpected. Through her delicate jewelry collection you can now wear it.


Working alongside Adam Fairweather, her partner and founder of Re – Worked, she has developed a unique material called Çurface, made from recycled coffee grounds in London. To make Çurface, the coffee is mixed with oils before undergoing a specialized production process using heat and pressure. Çurface has a beautiful surface quality and texture and has surprising strength and durability, with similar properties to a hardwood.

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Turning overlooked waste materials into something precious and covetable has been the inspiration behind her pieces. The shapes and designs Rosalie makes are inspired by the symmetry and geometrics found in the coffee grounds when looked at up close. There are elements of faceted stones and shapes like nuggets of gold, that allude to their preciousness regardless that they were born from waste.Rosalie´s pieces are pure and simple, like her signature piece, the bangles.

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Trained as a psychologist, Rosalie looks further into her jewelry, proving that it is more than just an adornment. As she explains, people have adorned themselves for centuries and she believes that there is an inherit value in materials that creates and emotional connection with the wearer. Transforming coffee grounds into something new and valuable is an inspiration for people to unleash all their potential.

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“Through wearing them I hope to inspire people to be creative and make most our of opportunities in life”

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