SCIN Out and About

    SCIN Cubed

    Consider us, as the exhibition organisers do, as a Feature rather than a Stand at an external Event.


    Why? We will show more unusual Content than any other exhibitor as this is what we naturally do.


    We put you with comparable Brands and Materials that whilst working as Individuals, collectively create even more Brand Credibility and Strength by basking in one another’s reflected glory. They say there are 2 ways to be ‘cool’:

    1. Don’t tell anyone you are
    2. Stand beside the Cool Person


    We facilitate this.

    How does it compare to going to an event yourself?

    We do all the work pre and post show. We pay for it and secure the right Space. Like a credible magazine, we pull the content for the Specific Trade show Visitor together.

    All you simply do is turn up with a few Samples (to fit on a 60x60cm cube) that is yours for the Show and branded as such, an iPad (to show case studies) , business cards and a bottle of mineral water and talk. We can even do that for you too.

    "We've met more architects in one month with the SCIN Gallery than the previous six months alone"

    The SCIN Gallery at Architects at Work