The Green Room

    The Green Room is a new materials library & resource set to become an active center of activity at the forefront of clean tech and sustainable material innovation, the only one of its kind in the UK. SCIN has a passion for sustainability, believing that clean tech innovation is the key to reducing the negative impact on our built environment. There is an incredible array of materials, finishes and processes that need to be exposed to architects, designers, specifies.
    Aimed at architects, designers, procurement teams, specifiers, or simply enthusiasts, who need to find new materials/processes and information that will contribute to the development of a sustainably based built environment.
    The ever expanding library groups materials in over forty categories, under the main sections; Natural, Smart, Applications and Environmental Impact. A detailed labeling system allows for instant user assessment, giving information about the origin of the material, its disposal / end of life and the country of manufacture. The library includes commercially available materials as well as prototypes, such as banana trunk veneers to snail poo tiles; up-cycled salmon skin leather or beetle bio-plastic.