We Make Carpets

by Eve Hollands on

Don’t let the name fool you. If you are looking for a new carpet for your living room this isn’t the post for you. But if you are looking to be blown away by the most stunning ephemeral carpet designs then please read on.

There nothing that SCIN likes more than giving materials a protagonist role in any design and this is one of the reasons we love these carpets. Each one is made with a different material ranging from mustard seeds to confetti, for the smaller versions, to pasta or band aids for the larger. Each piece celebrates the beauty of our material surroundings. Even a simple paper clip.

These rugs aren’t meant to be stepped on, or touched. They are painstakingly made by Bob, Marcia and Stijn with every day products that we could hardly imagine could make something so beautiful. Their first rug was made in 2009, when during the Dutch Design Week they began picking up cones and needles and ended up making the Forest Carpet.

And since then that is how they work, naturally. They dont work with a preconceived design, they just set the location, the material and the size. And from there its all intuition and magic. As they say,

 ‘It’s a bit like meditating. We work in unity, always with the three of us, hardly taking any breaks.’

Have a look yourself at the innovative use of material and the imagination behind these carpets. My particular favourites? The Staple carpet and the Carpet Carpet. Yours?


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